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Dear God, I am Your child, and I am inspired by You today. I place all my affairs in Your keeping, and I ask You to prosper me in all ways. I pray that Your light guides my way, and that You bountifully supply my every need.

Dear God, I believe that as Your child I have the right to be prosperous. God, I know You are my source and that every good thing that comes to me comes directly from You.

I pray that You will open Your hand today and supply every good thing needed in my life. Supply my life, dear God, with courage, strength, wisdom and guiding knowledge. Fill my mind with a wealth of guiding ideas. Empower me, God, so that I can use these Your thoughts to change my life and prosper.

I connect to Your good now by committing to the good You want me to have. I commit, in mind, and agree to all the good You have for me. I commit to make my abundant life one of giving and to bless all who are around me, all who walk with me, and all I will meet in the future. I will make my life a life of giving. Every day I will give. I will live my life to bless at least one other person each day.

And so it is. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen

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