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Positive Written Sermons

Positive Christianity helps and supports clergy of all faiths. To all those serving in active clergy we provide you Positive Written Sermons free of charge.

God has richly blessed us, and now we choose to give back to God's workers everywhere, and be a blessing to them.

If you are an active clergy person, or spiritual leader of a religious group we would be honored to support your work with a gift subscription to Positive Written Sermons. We will support your work with continuing this gift subscription as long as you are active in ministerial leadership.

The only copyright we have is -- you have-a-right-to-copy. You have our permission to change the sermon to meet the congregational needs of your church group.

For those in active pulpit ministry who have need of complete, ready, fully written sermon/prayer materials on a weekly basis. The service is offered in the hope of helping to lower the high stress/burnout rate of our clergy. They are delivered by e-mail in the nighttime hours of Monday morning.

Each NON-DENOMINATIONAL sermon can easily be modified to your congregational/denominational need by you, on your computer. Each includes a 25-30 minute talk, and a 10 minute prayer/meditation.

Each weekly sermon comes to you by email and will address your needs that week, ie. Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, etc...

Proven to be successful - Positive Christianity sermons have been used by hundreds of churches and ministers over the last decade.

Positive Christianity now actively supports the work of over 1600 congregations of all faiths, the world over, with new sermons, prayers, and meditations weekly. Even more use our prayers, and stories shared every day on free "Positive Daily Inspiration."

Because of the continued gifts and tithes of the many people we serve worldwide, we can offer these services to your ministry without cost.

We do ask that each clergy person signs up for this service themselves. We want to make sure that they truly want this. We are NOT in the business of converting people to our way of thinking, we are in the business of supplementing, and supporting the unique work that each clergy person performs.

To subscribe - fill out the information below: (NOTE: ALL Fields are REQUIRED)

(NOTE Church leaders write in Rev. or church leader in name, or church field, and you will NEVER be charged.)


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Note: Special services are also available - wedding, funeral, christenings, Prayer service, etc...
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