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In-Person or In-Person or Skype Christenings Christenings

Rev. Chenoweth has performed over 600 christenings in almost every location.

A prayerful blessing with a rose, poetry, positive bible and positive inspiration.

Perfect for the diverse religious family. A christening certificate is given. Service is 20 minutes.

Suggestion: If in person, Have a family member video tape the ceremony. This becomes one of the most valuable items in the family's life - young children watch it over and over, amazed at how little they were.

$150. Appointment. Skype provides face-to-face video christening service by computer. Many Large flatscreen smart TVs also feature Skype.

Do not book your christening service appointment until you contact us to see if we are available. Heavy travel schedules, including overseas, limit telephone christening services availability.

1) Contact us FIRST, via email: positiveChristianity @ ( , to check availability.
We will contact you, offering a broad general time that we are available.

2) Payment is requested in advance to set up the appointment. Payments may be made:

Online: Click here for an Online Donation

By mail: Positive Christianity
Box 7993
Woodlands, TX 77387

3) After donation is received , we will contact you to set a firm time.

In person option ($1000. Average, Fee in advance) Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth's fee is based 2 day minimum travel, air, rental car, motel, and expenses.