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Dear God, I pray that I understand what is going on now in my life. May I have Your higher Mind come through my human mind to give me insight. My human mind, dear God, is confused, and does not understand. I do not comprehend the reasons for the happenings and, God, I need to ask You, why? I know that You have the answer God, and I pray that I am given that answer. I pray that I can see from a higher vantage point.

I know that at any given point in my life, I only see a small portion of the overall tapestry that makes up my life. I know that You have an overall plan of good for my life and I ask You to help me to comprehend it. Help me to see and reason why this will turn to good, because to the appearances of my eyes, I am blind to that good at this present moment. I know that You have the last word in my life, God, and that last word will always be good. I pray that You will take away my pain as I wait for my higher answer. I know that You will turn the situation into good, and I am willing to cooperate to do everything within my human power to bring about your Divine good in my life. I pray that I will understand the people in my life and why they do the things they do and the reasons behind their actions. I pray that I will understand with more than my past experience.

I pray that I will understand people with the wisdom of Your Mind that knows all people and all situations that people find themselves in.

I pray that I will understand, with deep insight, people's actions and reactions. I pray that I will understand why these people in my life decided to act in this way. I pray that I will have insight, insight that is higher than just a small individual limited isolated event. May I see the overall plan of good for my life and know that this one event is not the end all, it is just a blip in the road on the pathway to the endless good that You have prepared for me.

Dear God, I pray that You will turn the situation, both in my mind and in my environment, to a demonstrable, livable good. I pray that I begin experiencing good from this situation, in my thoughts about it and in my outer life immediately. Help me to realize that for everything there is a season and that the green will bloom again, and the flowers will spring up forth in my life to decorate my days with joy. I pray that I am not locked into a painful past or to this event by reliving it over and over in my mind. I pray that I can realize that I am not a victim.

This event is now past. It has no power over me. It no longer exists in my life. Only You hold power over my life, and I know You love me. I realize, God, that through my free will I am the one that has to make the decision to walk towards a brighter tomorrow.

Therefore I shake the dust off my feet of this unwanted experience and I willingly walk forward. Dear God, I ask for You to empower me as I move in positive directions in mind and in body. I pray for the insight to know when, and how, to make my journey towards Your good. I pray that You will give me understanding so that I can utilize the best traits in myself from the knowledge of studying the good and bad in those that have been in my life in this experience. I know that I can learn from the bad as well as the good.

I pray that You will also give me insight and understanding about myself, show me things that I have been blind to, both good and bad held in my soul, so that I can develop, and follow You down the road of Your perfection. I pray that my mind is fertile soil for Your Divine understanding. I know that the clouds over my present life are just temporarily there until the winds of the Holy Spirit move.

Dear God, please give me a glimpse in mind of the good that will be in my life tomorrow so that I may be empowered in my hope. I pray that I will know, in my human mind, the things that are spiritual. I pray that I will be given understanding and insight beyond my schooling, training, Bible studies and what I have learned through a lifetime of going to church. May I have the truth of spirituality directly from You so that I may forgive and love like You do. I pray for understanding and insight that is broad and expansive. May it be a growing thing inside of me and never limited by my own human reasoning. I pray that my understanding and insight is from your continuous wellspring flowing within me. I do not live in a world that is just black and white. May my opinions never just be black and white. May I see a Your rainbow of God possibilities.

God, I pray for eyes that can see. I know there are roads in my life that will lead me to new people and experiences that I need. I pray also that I find them. I pray that from now on I am gifted with understanding and insight ahead of time so that I may be fully prepared for any and all events that will come my way, and I will know how to enter my future with success and victory.

In Jesus Christ's name, Amen

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