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Positive Christianity Spiritual Retreats

Announcing Two Spiritual Retreat Options:

Classic Positive Christianity Cruises

Home of the only $97 spiritual retreat on the planet!

Celebrating TWENTY YEARS of service!

Positive Christianity Cruise Positive Christianity Cruise

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POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY Riverfront Mountain Retreat

Escape to our Mountain Sanctuary Private Cabin

"Come away by yourselves… and rest a while." Mark 6:31

Chris welcomes you to his own private retreat they lovingly call "HOPE HILL."

Mountain Sanctuary Private Cabin

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2019 Supporters of Positive Christianity

We seek to serve, and give back, to the people that support us.
Free cruises, or private renewal time at Hope Hill Mountain Riverfront Retreat

Directly contact us first - if a major donor

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Nontransferable - gifting back is for the donor, and guest, exclusively.

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