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Spring Fling

"Whenever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive." Matthew 21:22

A couple of weeks ago I was examining my gas grill to find out why it
always produced a mild explosion when trying to light it. I would turn on
the gas, throw a match in, and run. Even though this worked, it was not
ideal. In the dark, the flash of light during the initial explosion would
like the whole backyard. One time it singed all the hairs off of my arms.

Upon examination, I discovered big, rusted, gaping holes in the gas lines
inside the grill. Thank God, that I still had my life and all my limbs
intact - I decided it was time for a new gas grill.

As I write this Positive Daily Inspiration, I am gazing at this gleaming example of
modern excess standing proudly on my patio. It has nine burners, a smoker
and rotisserie. Yes, more than I need for one hamburger at a time, but
there is something about a man and his gas grill. Even cooking one
hamburger patty I look so much more manly than I did cooking it on my
small electric George Foreman grill in the kitchen.

The new gas grill made the rest of the patio look dull and outdated. I
decided I needed new patio furniture to accent the gleaming stainless
steel monument to culinary one hamburger at a time skill.

I shopped and found on sale a perfect seven piece wicker set of two
chairs, ottomans, a settee and cushions, a coffee table, and an end table.
I couldn't believe the great price. I purchased it, rented a truck and
came back to the large store to pick it up. After showing my receipt, the
helpful men brought just one smallish box out to my truck. I said, "No,
that's not it. I bought the complete seven piece set with cushions."

They laughed, and said with a knowledgeable grin, "Yes, it's all in there."

The box said, in big, block, bold, letters, "Some assembly required,"
along with made in China. It NEVER occurred to me that I would have to
build it.

The box although small weighed a couple hundred pounds. It took four
people to lift it off the truck. Then, we literally couldn't figure out
how open the box. It was stapled, strapped, and glued as it was holding
something too priceless to open by an ordinary citizen. We tried cutting
the box but it was too thick, then we took a chisel and a hammer to the
cardboard fortress.

Most of our time that evening was spent walking around that box. No bank
safe has ever been so secure. We commented that the Chinese, and not
Dubai, should be put in charge of port security.

After a good night's sleep, and prayer, I was fresh enough to try again.
The hours of effort the night before along with the work equity this
morning were accumulative and the box gave way to reveal its contents.

Never have I witnessed a zigzag puzzle of packing better than this. I even
took a picture of it. In a way it was beautiful; it literally could have
found display in a modern Museum of Art.

I must admit I was intimidated; I was born without one gene of handyman
skill. Starting to unpack the dozens of individual parts, I looked for the
directions, and was dismayed when I found directions for my Chinese patio
furniture assembly were totally in Spanish.
I left the garage in defeat. Later in the day, I prayed about it, and with
all the courage I could muster I opened the garage door. It had not
moved-there it was staring at me daring my manhood, as if saying to me, "A
real man doesn't need directions!"

I prayed for the wisdom of God to come through me and make easy the task.
Then the directions in English literally fell to the floor from a
discarded section of the mutilated packing box.

I kept praying through every assembly task. Now, you can come and sit on
my patio, but use common sense - don't sit down too hard - because I did
have a lot of screws mysteriously left over - that I know belong

Jesus did not put conditions on the power of faith. He said, "Whenever you
ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive."

Neither do you limit your faith by assigning a measure to it or doubting
that you have enough. Your faith is in God and in God's goodness in your life.

When appearances suggest that things are not going well because of the
results you expected to happen are not happening, you remind yourself that
it is God who is in charge, not you.

Your faith is in God and God will prevail. With God, all things are truly
possible. You know this; you believe this; you live your life based on
your faith in God.

When you place your faith in God you are opening your life to the desires
of your heart, to all blessings.

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