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November 2019 Positive Christianity 20th Anniversary Celebration Cruise 7 nights - FULL PROGRAM.

Secure your place now on the program, be first in line to book your cabin. This will be negotiated and booked approximately 11 months ahead of sailing. Cabins will begin at under $500 per person.

Rev. Chenoweth will teach advanced prayer. How to get answers to prayer. Most people think they know how to pray – they don't.

You, or your gift recipient, will immediately receive eligibility program certificates by e-mail, with full instructions on directly contacting our travel agent when cabins are available for booking.

Program donations are non-refundable because we front monies for the needed space, supplies, and speakers but are transferable to friends or family for THIS cruise.

If you request us to notify a gift recipient, please send us their name, and email address, in separate e-mail to us. We will send them a gift greeting.

There are 3 options available:

  • $97.00 One Person * (You will need a roommate, if your roommate is definitely not going to
    attend the programs, book as an NP, non-program without the $97 program charge.)

  • $186.00 Two Persons, signing up together, for same cabin, *

  • $361.00 Four people, signing up together, for TWO cabins, *

  • You must book within our cabin group, from our travel agent,
    to be a part of our programs.

    This is the only way we get a per-person credit from the cruise line,
    for group meeting space spiritual retreat program needs.

    Step 2: You place a refundable deposit on the cabin of your choice.

    Step 3 : (A long time from now) Final payment on your cabin of your choice