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Norman Vincent Peale once said that - "Christopher Ian Chenoweth will be a leader in the religion of tomorrow."

Book a 2015 - 2016 Speaking Engagement

Christopher Ian Chenoweth is a great speaker and is well known nationally.

Before ministry he had a successful career in broadcasting. He had his own radio program in Baltimore Maryland at the age of 17. He was continuously on the air for over thirty years. During this period he developed a strong speaking style.

People have traveled hundreds of miles to be inspired and helped at one of his speaking engagements. Large attendance, and a large offerings are often associated with having Rev. Chenoweth speak.

The talks and seminars are easy to listen to and remember. They are filled with the famous stories that make this speaker stand apart. His style is one that makes him acceptable to listeners of all religions.

Talks, Keynotes, Seminars

Christopher Ian Chenoweth has delivered hundreds of motivational talks for businesses and corporations including the UAW and Chrysler Corporation. These non-religious messages are positive team building, dynamic talks.

They can be given at a meeting, business dinner, or convention setting. Christopher Ian Chenoweth has been the Keynote Speaker in many large conventions and has always been well received, and asked to come back.

Unless otherwise arranged: $1,500.00 minimum fee, transportation, lodging, and expenses.

Contact Us: positivechristianity @ (

Speaking for Churches

Rev. Chenoweth brings life, energy, and great financial benefit to ministries.
If the ministry does it right it doesn't cost anything, and can provide greatly increased offerings
, immediately, and sometimes long-term.*

When you are truly feeding your congregation it doesn't cost, it pays.

Sunday services, prayers, and meditation / events are FREE.
Afternoon seminar added - Percentage of Afternoon offering.

We send you posters to hang, and photo ready flyers.

We pay ALL our own travel expenses from Houston, Texas, and
we do not bill you for anything later.

This is a turnkey easy, there is nothing you need to do but provide us with a microphone, your sanctuary, and table for self-service products.

*Increased morning offerings, and your percentage of the seminar will not only
return our booking fee but provide great financial blessing to your ministry.
Our Process of Advanced Prosperity Seminar requires a
30 day commitment to tithe to your ministry.
Average tithing increases benefit ministry for 6 months and beyond.
If we are offering a spiritual retreat cruise -
Ministers are often surprised that they have a free cruise to look forward to,
and are paid, if they choose to speak on-board for
25 minutes on one of our programs.

"I pride myself on being low maintenance – I am there to serve you.
I will be there for your people from morning until late afternoon.
I do not hide, I do not try to get away – I truly enjoy being with everyone.
I am there not to center on myself but to help your ministry build.
I make myself available for television, newspaper, and radio interviews.
Congregational events, dinners etc. happening around my
appearance will be attended if possible."
- Chris Chenoweth

Our requirement of booking the ministry is that
we must meet a need of your congregation.

Whether just for a major Sunday talk to motivate energy and inspire,
or a combined Sunday talk, and afternoon seminar.
We do not come just to fill time, we come to fill a need.

Appearances are quite limited now because of the time commitments,
and time pressures of our own ministry.
We now must restrict total appearances to a maximum of 10 per calendar year,
geographically covering a wide area, to serve as many as possible.
Only once every 3 years per-ministry.
Request your desired date by the email address below.

We come providing something unique and special for your congregation.
Christopher Ian Chenoweth is a great speaker, his talks are filled with
stories that people can remember, and relate to from all walks of life.
His messages are something that people often bring
non-church member friends and family to.
His entertaining lessons often draw people back for the seminar
that were not planning on attending, before they heard him speak.
Many ministries have also successfully promoted the
afternoon seminar time to other area churches, and local organizations,
building a sense of community.

Positive Daily Inspiration features your ministry for up to 5 days to over 1 million readers, sometimes bringing in many guests (Many times from great distances.)

We know that ministries have a good prosperity consciousness and
they do not wish us to lose money.
Travel to a local ministry from Houston is costing more than
4 times what it once was; we have had recent appearances where
we have lost a great deal of money due to our ever-accelerating costs.

Our travel costs occur immediately at the time of your booking us.
For that reason we ask for an upfront fee to offset a portion of our fronted expenses.

We charge a one-time upfront booking fee of $593.
(Payable by credit card on our website, or to
Positive Christianity Box 7993, Woodlands, TX 77380)

FIRST – Send us an email with your proposed date, and we will
discuss the availability and possibility.

No additional charges made for Sunday morning speaking, and meditation, or travel. If an afternoon seminar is requested, a percentage of the afternoon seminar offering is requested.

Consider our costs, and time, to come to you:

  • Normal appearances, cost Positive Christianity $750-1000 out-of-pocket, plus our time.

  • Appearances require a time commitment of 3 days out of the office. Saturday travel time, Sunday services and seminar, Monday return travel time.

  • We must book, and pay, far in advance for airfare, motel (2 nights), and rental car to save as much as possible on our travel costs.

  • We pay for printing of ALL handouts in advance, and shipping.

  • In addition, we must pay for excess baggage at time of travel to set up our sale display which helps us to offset our expenses. Plus miscellaneous charges that quickly add up.

  • There are expenses Houston, Texas side, on airport parking, extra staff etc.

SEMINAR: To help us breakeven -
guarantee us at least 15+ attenders for afternoon seminar–

  • 0-14 Expected attenders for afternoon, we politely ask you to wait to book for another time that will benefit the maximum amount of people. It has been proven that our ministry will lose substantial money, even if given 100% of the afternoon offering requested in this low turnout scenario.

  • 15-30 full afternoon attenders - We ask for an offering of 70% of the afternoon seminar proceeds. (Your ministry keeps 30%)

  • 31 - 50 full-afternoon attenders, we reduce, asking for an offering of 65% of the proceeds. (Your ministry keeps 35%

  • 51+ full-afternoon attenders, we reduce, asking for an offering of just 60% of the proceeds. (Your ministry keeps 40%)

Paid to "Positive Christianity" same day, preceding the seminar.

AND 100% of the product sales we bring, at our self-serve table.

Seminars offered:

  • 4 Hour – "Process of Advanced Prosperity" with 14 sheet handouts.
    Top seminar, presented in almost 1000 cities around the world. Increases general offerings for ministries long after the event.

  • 3 Hour – "How to Power Pray" with handouts.
    Second-most popular seminar.

  • 3 Hour – "Spiritual Steps for Great Relationships" with handouts.
    Works best in ministries with the younger crowd, and a lot of singles

  • 3 Hour – "The Hidden Messages in The Wizard Of Oz".
    (New, Very entertaining, but admittedly still a bit rough at the edges) Uses video projection, requires set up, and rehearsal, hard to take on the road because of added equipment, and training of people helping.

Contact Us: positivechristianity @ (