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Let me recap a TRUE event, so that you might share it with others.

On December 16, you came and blessed our business. Knowing the power of God, it was the FIRST thing we wanted to happen once we moved the business from the house to downtown Lee's Summit.

Shortly afterward, the location, 200 SE Douglas was the target of a random break in. The intruders came through the tall glass back doors, past our office suite (also with a glass door) and into the rest of the building. Once inside they busted the doors into the offices of our neighboring Dental Surgeons Accounting Firm and Law Office, relieving them of their computer systems and other hardware. Without noticeable reason, they fled, without pursuit from Police, Security or any other interested party.

Here as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story.

Upon returning the next morning and finding Police Officers swarming around the place, we inquired as to what had happened.

Our neighboring Attorney quickly informed us of the break in and wondered why ours, being both the 1st and last office passed was left unharmed.

We gladly invited him in and showed him the plaque and prayer which reads:

  • God bless this business WITH LOVE. Fill the heart of every member with Your Spirit of gentleness and joy, with Your Spirit of forgiveness and compassion, with Your Spirit of understanding and peace. God bless this business with love so steady and strong that harmony is the order of every day.
  • God bless this business with life. Renew and restore every member. Strengthen and perfect us all. Heal and bind up every wound. Let the presence of life be felt by all who enter here. Let the idea of life so permeate this business that health and wholeness are the order of every day.
  • God bless this business with substance. Fill us now with richness of spirit and purpose. Fill us now with faith in Your never-failing supply and support. God bless this business with substance so that success and prosperity are the order of every day.
  • God bless this business with happiness. Let the walls echo with the heavenly music of happy hearts. Let happiness be the order of every day.
  • We are here to consecrate this place to God the good.
  • Each room of this business with henceforth be sacred.
  • All its occupants will feel God's Holy Presence.
  • No evil can enter here, there is no evil in God.
  • God the good dwells here.
  • Whoever enters here will be conscious of the pure holy wisdom of God.
  • No untrue thing can enter here.
  • There is no falsehood, no deception, no jealousy, no selfishness in this business.
  • Every untrue thought is cast out.
  • Whoever enters here will be conscious of the Presence of Truth.
  • No thought of sickness can enter here.
  • No impurity, no fear can enter here.
  • All weakness and sickness are cast out.
  • Whoever enters here shall be conscious of the Presence of Health.
  • Whoever enters here shall be conscious of plenty, prosperity, even opulence, abundance dwells here.
  • All foolishness, ignorance, doubt and superstition are cast out.
  • God is here and God is security.
  • Whoever enters here will be conscious of God's security.
  • This business is radiant with joy.
  • No thought of sorrow or grief can enter here.
  • All depression is cast out.
  • The joy of the Lord is here.
  • Whoever enters here will be conscious of the Presence of radiant joy.
  • Only love dwells here.
  • This business is filled with the Presence of love.
  • God is love and God is here.
  • All anger, hatred and revenge is cast out.
  • Whoever enters here will be conscious of the pure, holy Presence of Love.
  • We are thankful to thee, Oh God, that this business is filled with your Presence. We are thankful that we live in Thy life, thy truth, thy health, thy prosperity, thy peace, thy wisdom, thy joy and thy love. We are thankful that all who enter here will be conscious of this, thy holy Presence from this day forth in this business. We give thanks in Jesus Christ's name and nature. Amen and Amen.
Chris, of all the people in the building, only Bellewether was in the Computer business and our office was filled with all of the brand new equipment we had just purchased. You know what our mission is, and you know who sent us.

Thank you for being the Messenger December 16th.

Kay A. Saunders
Jami Henry
November 23, 1999

P.S. In the time it has taken for me to write you this email, our employees have noticed that the prayer was missing from the wall in our newest location. Yes, it is still with us, and always will be.